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Game Development

Porting on Switch

As officially approved Nintendo Developers we have access to the Nintendo Switch Developer Kit and we help our clients by exploiting the best solution for graphics optimization and coding, to allow their game to perform at its best on the Nintendo Switch.

Game Development (PC or Mobile)

Our team is composed by designers, programmers and artists capable of fostering the development of a game from the basic concept to its publication on the desired platforms. We also take care of expanding and developing personalized solutions for the Unreal Engine 4 Game Engine and Godot.

Performance Optimization

Thanks to over a 10 years of experience in developing games for low specs entertainment machines, our team of engineers is capable of optimizing both codes and graphic resources in order to obtain the best performances possible for each platform.
We analyze and optimize performances and RAM,CPU, GPU and Shaders usage to allow your game to run at its best settings, exploiting the best available resources. 

Audio Production

Sound Design

We create customized original sound assets for each project, based upon upfront collaborative work with clients and ongoing project management.

Original Music

Orchestral, electronic, rock, jazz, pop, and beyond. With our experiece in music composition, we’re sure to have the perfect match for your project.


Voice casting, direction, recording, and editing. We’ll find the best actors for your project and handle all aspects of VO production from start to finish.


While great SFX, immersive music and stellar VO performances make up for an important part of a great-sounding project, expert implementation and mixing of these assets are really important steps to make everything sound great. We provide complete implementation support in Unity, Fmod, Wwise, and Unreal. 


3D Art

We provide 3d content, from high resolution to real-time models ready to be integrated in your engine of choice. Whether it’s for character arts, environments, props or weapons, we can deliver art within a range of styles and we’re are able to adapt to any style of visual art.

2D Art

We provide 2d content any kind of style: Fantasy, Sci-fi ,cartoonish etc... or anything in between. We can provide concept art, storyboards, illustrations and 2D assets ready for in-game integration.


Voice-over and Multimedia Services

We help with voice over by translating audio content (Transcription + Translation + Voice Over recording). Besides accurately translating/localizing the transcribed content we ensure to select the right individual with the right voice for each character/avatar of your game.

Translation and Localization

With our help you can easily translate the subtitles, instruction manual, game content, and localize the marketing content for your game in the different regions where you’d want to launch the game.

Graphic Image Localization

In order to truly localize any game, you need to go beyond a mere-game text translation to understand the culture and artistic taste of the target region. With the help of graphic and marketing experts from these targeted regions, we create truly localized graphic designs for your game.

Functional and Multilingual Game Testing

We ensure the game performs well in all the required locations and cultures taking into consideration all types of international inputs. We provide a detailed report about the product being ready to launch in the international/local market.

Tabletop Games and Role Playing Games

Developing Companion App

We develop Companion Apps for tabletop games, allowing developers to enhance their player’s gameplay experience.

Developing the videogame

Some gamers struggle to find the right time and place to gather friends to play: We can address that problem by developing a pc/mobile version of your tabletop game.

Compose Orginal Soundtrack

Now more than ever, TTG or TRPG players want an immersive experience with their friends. We can compose orginal music and immersive ambient music for your game.


If you need character portraits, objects or landscapes and maps, we can provide strong composition for the art of your next game.


We produce 3D Virtual Tours providing a stunning and immersive experience. We provide our 3D services for: Real-estate developers, properties & land developers, interior and exterior designers and architects.

Gamification / Serious Games

Gamification is a methodology that uses dynamics and mechanics (awards, rewards, rankings) typically borrowed from the gaming world, converting them into a real life and work context. We can create fun and interactive experiences through gamification for your business, so you can discover what your employees and customers want.

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